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Top 3 Myths about Lice found on EyeLash Extensions

1. All eyelash extensions are the same and a breeding ground for Lice.

NO, there are multiple types of eyelash extensions, and not to be confused with the false lash extensions where you purchase and put it on yourself at home. Eyelash extensions are individually applied by professional lash stylist, it comes with 3 types; synthetic, silk and mink. ( article did not specified what type of eyelash extensions, home or professional, for all we know, it could be home applications)

2. No washing or get your EyeLashes wet.

This article stated their lice found on clients, because they were afraid to wash their eyelashes. At XO Lashes studio we used waterproof eyelash extensions, infact, after 48 hours we recommend you clean and wash your eyelashes and gently brush your lashes everyday.

3. The picture depicted a lice hanging on the lash.

Lice or demodex lives virtually in every human being alive, at the hair follicle. It’s a transparent critter that are virtually too small to be seen with the naked eye. So, with that said, wash not only your eyelash, but places that you have hair follicles and that's virutally your entire body.

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